Are you so busy with your day-to-day tasks in your company that you have no time to familiarize yourself with the software and thus digitize your documents? We understand that. That’s why we offer you our free digitization service for your documents! *

* According to the price list the creation costs 499 EUR per document type. If more than 50 invoiced documents are created within three months, the production price will be credited. The current price and cost model applies. Costs plus hosting and VAT.


How does our software work? The goal is to generate a document that creates structure and content 100% dynamically on the basis of previously defined rules and conditions. As soon as the user makes his input via a browser, the software creates as output the desired document in any format. The special feature: programming knowledge is not required for creation, adaptation or administration. This makes the software versatile, flexible and fast.

  • Cloud-Service – or alternatively on-premise
  • Rule Engine
    for complex rules and conditions

  • Backend
    – with graphical process management

  • Frontend – Individually adaptable depending on process and document

  • output format – html, doc, xls, pdf and others

  • Database – Data protection compliant storage


The dynamic creation of documents based on process-relevant questions and answers will persuade your company in many areas and related processes. So you can benefit from digitization, which is also in terms of price performance of their peers.

More benefits

“Using Dynamic Document Creation has helped us speed up our application and contracting process by more than 50%, while significantly improving the quality of our documents.”

Hannah Vermanot

“With the new General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) we were faced with almost impossible challenges in the creation and filing of our documents.With the use of Scriptomat we can comply with all legal security and deletion obligations without problems and also our processes internally as well improve with our customers. “

Johanna Obergruber




We simplify your work. Our applications can be used by everyone. Whether you run a small or large business or just want to digitize routine tasks, we help you. Here are some examples of how Scriptomat can help you in your daily life.

employment contract

With Scriptomat you create secure employment contracts for employees and freelancers in just a few minutes. Of course, every contract is still individually customizable. The process of creation is easy to understand. Convince yourself of our demo.

procurement request

How many application forms are on your drive? Make current valid application forms available to your organization online with Scriptomat. The data input is validated with the input, the transmission is immediate and can not disappear in the in-house mail. Look for yourself!


The operational implementation of privacy policies in documents can be a big challenge. What data must be deleted and when. With Scriptomat we have created a carefree solution for this. 


We have created templates from hundreds of use cases. That makes your digitalization step even easier.
Select template, adapt template, start process. Of course, you can start any document at any time without any template.

  • procurement request

  • Travel expenses request

  • Application for child benefit

  • Part-time application

  • Application company car

  • Application pension

  • Travel expenses

  • rejection letter

  • Freelancer Contract

  • employee contract

  • media report

  • Deadline report

  • progress report

  • incident report

  • Director’s report

  • instructions

  • instructions

  • Operational flow order

  • Operating Procedure

  • instruction

  • Order ticket job ticket

  • admission notice

  • rejection
  • approval notice
  • notice of approval